District 73 Board Meets to Plan for The Future

District 73 Board Meets to Plan for The Future
Posted on 07/24/2019
BOEGoverning board members from East Prairie District 73 met Monday evening to examine their roles, priorities, and expectations for the year ahead. The session was facilitated by Laura Martinez, a representative from the Illinois Association of School Boards. The four-hour meeting resulted in a definition of roles - both the board’s and superintendents’ - and the goals for the upcoming school year. The newly appointed interim superintendents were present and participated in the work.

The diagram below is the result of the meeting and encompasses the responsibilities of the board of education and the office of superintendent. This diagram will direct the work of both groups and assist the community in understanding how the organization functions.


The group also agreed to roles during the meeting. The ‘chain of command’ flowchart draft below indicates the manner in which issues are resolved: 

How to Communicate Effectively with Schools
Many parents and community questions are easily and completely answered by communicating directly with the educator in charge of the class, program or building level.  Each situation should first be addressed at whatever level the initial action was taken with appeals moving on to the next level on the chain of command.

To prevent frustration, parents should be informed about the “chain of command”, or where to begin the communication sequence regarding their problem or concern.


The board of education also agreed upon its goals for the interim superintendents. The following are the areas of focus for the interim superintendents:

Communication: The superintendents will increase and improve the communication to all stakeholders. Communication will be two-way, flowing from East Prairie School and from the stakeholders regarding the school. Communication will be via multiple outlets to ensure the most effective dialogue.
Engagement: The superintendents will assist the new principal in connecting with students, parents, taxpayers and community leaders to ensure students receive the best education possible and stakeholders are informed of the success.
Finances: As stewards of taxpayer support, the superintendents will ensure that resources are being allocated in a fiscally responsible manner and taxes are being levied in the most prudent manner.
Spirit: The superintendents will foster and enhance the community pride in the school and the impact it is having on the community and real estate values.
Student well-being: The superintendents will ensure the ‘social-emotional plan’ developed and adopted will be implemented to its fullest to ensure District 73 students develop into community and national leaders for the future.

The four-hour session was productive and energizing. The community should be confident the district is on the right path and anticipate exciting movement in the year ahead. Any questions regarding the retreat outcomes may be directed to Dr. Sheila Harrison-Williams or Dr. Scott Thompson in the District offices.