Introducing VISION 73

Introducing VISION 73
Posted on 03/18/2016
Vision 73Together with East Prairie School District 73, we are excited to announce East Prairie Vision 73, a collaborative planning process that actively involves our community and our school district. 

The goal of Vision 73 is to bring the community together to assess our values and priorities for our school facility.  
We invite you to participate in this important conversation and learn critical information about our District’s facility needs. Vision 73 participants will have the opportunity to share ideas and discuss topics in small groups. 

The success of Vision 73 relies on the participation of community members like you - parents, grandparents, employees, business owners, senior citizens, alumni and area residents. Your involvement is essential; your input and ideas are important for creating a clear vision for the District 73 facility plan. 

We look forward to seeing you at our Sessions! 


Tuesday, April 12 @ 7 PM - EPS Learning Center
Tuesday, May 3rd @ 7 PM - EPS Learning Center
Tuesday, May 17th @ 7 PM - EPS Learning Center
Thursday, June 9th @ 7 PM  - EPS Learning Center