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NTDSE Parent updates
Posted on 04/30/2019
NTDSEDear Families,

As we approach our last month of school, I wanted to provide you with a few updates which I hope you will find helpful.

Parent Events
Please view all NTDSE Parent Events "Click here." 

May 14, 2019: Early Childhood Parent Meeting: Fun in the Sun- things to do with your child this summer
May 15, 2019: Parent Support Group @ 7PM:

Afterschool Child Care
We are excited to announce that we WILL offer afterschool childcare at Molloy starting August 2019.
We are partnering with Skokie SPACE.
This is for all NTDSE students who either attend Molloy or a Satellite location.
More information will be provided in early May.

SEED Foundation
We appreciate everyone who supported the SEED Foundation's 6th Annual Trivia Night. Many parents donated and attended. We had 3 parent tables! Many staff staff tables and lots of community members. Thank you!
We raised over $17,000 for the students in NTDSE programs.
Next event is Fall Family Fun Fest in October, 2019.

News from the Nurse's Office
In May, the Nurse's Office is sending out letters regarding the health forms required for NTDSE students for the 2019-2020 school year. You may receive a request for a doctor's physical, dental or eye examination as required by the State. In addition, you may receive a form for medications or medical procedures in school and action plans to be completed by the physician if your child has asthma, anaphylaxis, or seizure disorder. If you do not receive a letter, no medical information is required for your child for the 2019-2020 school year. Please carefully look through the requirements and contact the Nurse's Office if you have any questions. 

Are you looking for a physician, dentist, or ophthalmologist that has experience in working with children with special needs? The Nurse's Office maintains a list of healthcare providers that have been recommended by NTDSE parents and staff. Click here for the provider list. If you have any recommendations that can be added to the Healthcare Provider List, please contact the Nurse's Office at 847-966-8600 ext. 1118.

Parent Parking
If you come to Molloy, you will notice we have two parking spaces designated for parents. Please be sure to use these spots for pick-up, drop-off, meetings, etc. We hope that it helps make life a bit easier!

Thank you for all that you do to partner with us. It is an honor and a privilege educating your child.

All my best,