E-Learning Pan

What is an E-Learning Plan?

Historically, when such things as bad weather have prevented school from being in session, students and staff would not be in attendance and as a result, that day would be made up at the end of that school year. Schooling has been disrupted for our students which has caused challenges for our community. In addition, our staff are affected during these closures as professional learning days normally scheduled for the end of the year are then lost due to the need to make-up a school day due to the emergency day closure.

Now, with the Board of Education’s approval, District #73 will not cancel school in the event of weather-related or other emergency-related challenges and will instead use a “remote learning day” for all students and staff. In the event that an all-district “remote learning day” occurs due to weather-related school building closure, your child’s teacher will give direction to your child to ensure that they engage in learning that day. Please note, student attendance will be expected and taken in the event that we need to use an all-district “remote learning day.” 

Is this a permanent decision?

The use of these remote learning days in lieu of closing schools will allow for the continuity of teaching and learning without disruption. It is our expectation that we will continue with this practice for the foreseeable future. 

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