Philosophy Of Delivery And Instruction Of Technology

East Prairie School’s life-long learners include the school’s students, faculty, and community members.  By adhering to the district's mission statement, students will be preparing for achieving success in their ongoing future as they continue their educational endeavor through high school and college through the use of informational technology.

Our goal at East Prairie School is to meet the individual needs of the students, and to facilitate the pursuit of academic and personal excellence achieved through each child’s active participation in the learning process.  We can endeavor to help all of our students meet these goals by incorporating technology into the school’s core curriculum. 

Technology will not abruptly change the quality or the process of education, but technology will intensify the learning of students, as well as enhance the educational lessons presented to students.

Beliefs About Teaching Technology and Education

Technology is infused into daily teaching methodologies within all disciplines.

Technology enhances the educational process

Technological Literacy involves the use of effective skills, while exercising appropriate rights and responsibilities

Technology helps prepare for life in the 21st century.

Technology helps foster creative expression and improved communication.

Technology facilitates global learning.

Technology provides opportunities to construct and demonstrate learning beyond standardized testing.

For more information on East Prairie schools technology department, please feel free to contact the technology department.