Emergency Closings

It's that time of year when all of us are anticipating the change of the seasons.  With that in mind, I wanted to write you a note regarding emergency procedures in the event that we can't have school because of weather.

In most cases, East Prairie School will be open.  In years past, we have not used many snow days - last year we didn't use any! Regardless, we must be prepared!  In the event that the weather is such that our buses cannot run and/or it would be dangerous to have children, parents, and staff members on the road we will cancel school.  

On the back of this note, is a flier containing information regarding, "More Ways to Know Before You Go".  In addition to this information, in the event that school will be closed, we will initiate the "Notification Technologies Inc." telephone system.  This is the telephone system that automatically calls all the numbers we have with a message.  In this case, the message would be that school has been cancelled.  We will also change the message on the school phone greeting as well as the District 73 Web Site:


Because of the ages of our elementary children, East Prairie School will not have late starts or early releases due to weather conditions.  We must be certain that small children are not either left waiting for a bus that will not arrive or going home to an empty house.   Please remember that you are the final decision maker regarding your child.  If you think that the weather is such that your child should not attend school, please keep him/her home and call the school office, 847-673-1176.  If we have school and the weather becomes such that you feel it is unsafe, please feel free to come to school, stop by the office, and pick up your child. 

As you know, Chicago-land weather is unpredictable at best.  I pledge to you that we will do our best to make sure our children are always as safe as possible and that we will provide them with the best educational experiences!


East Prairie School Dist. #73
7634 East Prairie Rd.
Skokie, Illinois 60076


In the event of severe weather conditions or a building emergency, school closings or late arrivals will be announced on the following:


Sign up for personalized E-mail notification of your facility's status at www.EmergencyClosings.com


Go to the website of the radio or TV stations listed below, or go to www.EmergencyClosings.com to search for your facility by name and city.


Tune in to one of the following television or radio stations.


WGN 720 AM
WZZN 94.7 FM

WBBM - CBS Channel 2
WMAQ - NBC Channel 5
WLS - ABC Channel 7
WGN - Channel 9
WFLD - FOX Channel 32