East Prairie School Curriculum

School Vision
  • Create a dynamic and innovative learning experience that prepares motivated, self-directed learners for success within an intellectually and culturally diverse world.
Beliefs About Learning
  • A collaborative relationship among staff, administration, the Board of Education, parents, and community members create a positive learning environment.

  • All students have the capability to develop into knowledgeable, self-motivated learners.
  • All students deserve access to equitable learning opportunities.
  • All students must engage in meaningful, challenging, integrated learning experiences.
  • Educators implement best current practices, take risks, and commit to lifelong learning.
  • Diversity in the community enriches the appreciation of other cultures.
  • Educators address the well-being of the whole child to foster lifelong learning.
  • Safety, respect and responsibility are essential for an effective learning environment.
Common Core Curriculum Standards for Math