Presentation Tech

Presentation Tech

ISBE Goals

  • 3.B.3a: Produce documents that convey a clear understanding and interpretation of ideas and information and display focus, organization, elaboration and coherence.
    • Students will design Microsoft PowerPoint and eZedia presentations about given topics.
  • 3.C.3b: Using available technology, produce compositions and multimedia works for specified audiences.
    • Students will make use of Microsoft PowerPoint and eZedia to create presentations about a given topic.
  • 4.A.3a: Demonstrate ways (e.g., ask probing questions, provide feedback to a speaker, summarize and paraphrase complex spoken messages) that listening attentively can improve comprehension.
    • Students will identify each presenter’s strengths and suggest changes for their next presentation.
  • 4.A.3b: Compare a speaker’s verbal and nonverbal messages.
    • Students will identify each presenter’s strengths and suggest changes for their next presentation.
  • 4.B.3a: Deliver planned oral presentations, using language and vocabulary appropriate to the purpose, message and audience; provide details and supporting information that clarify main ideas; and use visual aids and contemporary technology as support.
    • Students will create and present Microsoft PowerPoint and eZedia projects.
  • 4.B.3b: Design and produce reports and multi-media compositions that represent group projects.
    • Partners will compose questions and answers from a chosen subject (i.e. Science, Social Studies) and create a Jeopardy game using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • 5.B.3b: Identify, evaluate and cite primary sources.
    • Students will make use of the Internet to gather information for their Career PowerPoint and eZedia project.
  • 5.C.3b: Prepare and orally present original work supported by research.
    • Students will create and present a PowerPoint presentation and eZedia presentation using information gathered from the Internet.
EPS Goals


Technology Goal 1:Understand the use of hardware and software in order to effectively use technology in the learning environment.
EPSTS3:Understand basic operations
EPSTS4:Be able to manipulate files
EPSTS5:Use essential and related Computer Peripherals
Technology Goal 2:Demonstrate research skills to seek, gather and evaluate information through the use of technology resources.
EPSTS12:Use the internet
EPSTS15:Use grade level appropriate researching techniques
Technology Goal 3:Integrate different forms of technology in the creation, presentation, and application stages of product development.
EPSTS8:Use word processing skills
EPSTS9:Create multimedia projects and products

Students will

learn the basics of what presentation software is and how it is used.
learn to navigate through the slides of a presentation-in-progress.
learn to add, delete and format text on slides.
learn to add images to a presentation and modify them.
learn to add transition effects.
learn to create hyperlinks within a single presentation.
consider basic elements of design.


  • Materials Needed: projector, Microsoft Power Point, eZedia,,
  • activities, quizzes and other materials are attached and also located inthe “Presentation Technology” binder in the Tech Lab (room B10).
ASSESSMENTS: correlated to the benchmarks and objectives
  • Students receive scores for completing the “Presentation Software” lessons on (EPSTS3, 5, 12)
  • Research packets for the Career PowerPoint and eZedia project (ISBE 5.B.3b) (EPSTS12, 15)
  • Rubrics (attached) are used for the assessment of the PowerPoint and eZedia activities (attached).(ISBE 3.B.3a, 3.C.3b, 4.B.3a, 4.B.3b, 5.B.3b, 5.C.3b) (EPSTS3, 4, 8, 9)
  • “About Me” PowerPoint Rubric
  • “Career Exploration” PowerPoint Rubric
  • “Jeopardy” PowerPoint Rubric
  • eZedia Project Rubric
  • Students will receive points for writing comments about their classmates’ presentations. (ISBE 4.A.3a, 4.A.3b)
whole-group instruction, mini-lessons, cooperative groups, independent activities

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9
PowerPoint Elements & Basic Design About Me PowerPoint Activity
Lines, Lists & Structure
Career PowerPoint Present Career PowerPoint
Affects, Views & Hyperlinks
Jeopardy PowerPoint Jeopardy PowerPoint Present Jeopardy PowerPoint
eZedia introduction
eZedia introduction eZedia projecct

all project explanations and requirements are attached


Day 1

1.Introduce course & grading

2.Discuss Power Point basics

3.Students complete “Elements & Basic Design” lesson on

4.Introduce “About Me” Power Point

Day 2

1.Students finish filling out “About Me” info sheet

2.Create “About Me” Power Point


Day 3

1.Students finish “About Me” Power Point

2.Discuss a “good” presentation vs. a “bad” presentation – create list on the board

3.Share “About Me” Power Points with the class

4.Students take notes on each presentation – what they liked and suggestions for next presentation

Day 4

1.Students complete “Lines, Lists and Structure” lesson on

2.Discuss the lesson

3.Introduce the “Career Exploration” project


Day 5

1.Students begin researching their chosen career

Day 6

1.Students continue to work on their Career Power Point

2.Students create notecards to use during their presentation

Day 7

1.Students present their Career Power Point to the class

2.Students take notes on each presentation – what they liked and suggestions for next presentation

Day 8

1.Students complete the “Affects & Views” and “Hyperlinks” lessons on

2.Introduce the Jeopardy project

Day 9

1.Partners choose a subject to create the Jeopardy Power Point for

2.Begin creating 10-15 questions about their subject for the Power Point game


Day 10

1.Model how to set up the Jeopardy board

2.Students create their game board

Day 11

1.Students continue to work on their Jeopardy Power Point – inserting questions and answers

Day 12

1.Model how to create hyperlinks

2.Students create hyperlinks in their Power Point


Day 13

1.Partners present their Jeopardy Game Power Point

Day 14

1.Introduce eZedia project

2.Students choose an animal to research

3.Students gather information and images for their project

Day 15

4.Introduce eZedia – show examples of student work

5.Students complete the Quick Start lessons on

Day 16

1.Model how to add text, basic buttons and add graphics

2.Students work on their project


Day 17

1.Model how to create a rollover button

2.Students work on their project

Day 18

1.Students finish their eZedia project

2.Share with the class

3.Students take notes on each presentation – what they liked and suggestions for next presentation