Student Internet Permission AUP

Permissible Use of District Computers and Use of Means to Access the Internet

School District 73 is connected to the Internet. By being connected to the Internet, students and staff have potential access to various types of electronic communication; to information via the World Wide Web; to various research sources including certain university library catalogs, the Library of Congress, and other research databases.


The use of the term “Internet” or “network” in this policy refers to all information accessed through the School District’s network, but not limited to only the physical network servers, services and systems, email, computer hardware and software, web- based resources, printers, scanners, and digital, video and hand held devices, which reside on the premises.Access to the Internet and the School District’s network is part of the District 73 curriculum and is not a public forum for general use. Employees and students shall not load onto the District’s network or Internet any student work or District 73 work product without prior approval of the Superintendent or his/her designee.


The Board of Education denies any responsibility for any information, including its accuracy or quality, obtained or transmitted through use of the Internet. Further, the Board denies responsibility for any information that may be lost, damaged or altered or unavailable when using the District’s network. Employees and students shall be solely responsible for any unauthorized charges or fees resulting from their access to the Internet.


Use of the District’s data network and access to and use of the Internet on District computers is a privilege, not a right. Students who abuse the privilege by engaging in the conduct prohibited in these procedures shall lose the privilege and shall be denied access to the network, Internet and/or the District’s electronic mail communication.


Authorized use of the School District’s network and the Internet shall be governed by administrative procedures developed by the Superintendent of Schools.


Acceptable Use of School District Technology and Use of Internet Access

General Use of District Technology

The use of School District computers by students shall be supervised and monitored by District staff and administration. Students are only allowed access to information and data on the Internet that is consistent with the school’s pedagogical message and educational mission. Students are not authorized access to information which is inaccurate, illegal, indecent, obscene, constitutes child pornography, harmful to minors, inappropriate for minors, defamatory, likely to result in harassment of another student or staff member, likely to cause material disruption in the schools, or is otherwise inconsistent with the District’s educational mission, or to enter or transmit such information. Students who attempt to access, enter, upload, install, download or transmit prohibited information shall be subject to discipline, which may include suspension or loss of all access privileges.


As a condition of being allowed access to the Internet and the School District’s electronic communication through use of District computers, students shall consent to network monitoring and inspection by school staff and administration, including any and all electronic communications made or attempted to be made or received by students and all materials accessed, uploaded, installed, downloaded or transmitted by students.All communication relating to or in support of inappropriate or illegal activities will be reported to the proper authorities


Students Will:

  • ·Provide their passwords to the system administrator.
  • ·Follow all acceptable rules of copyright and site resources appropriately
  • ·Use software in accordance with the District licensing agreements
  • ·Use all computer resources and digital devices responsibly, including both District technology equipment and on-site and off site Internet based software databases and applications.
  • ·Be polite and considerate in all forms of electronic communication.
  • ·Keep all information about themselves and others private, including email, home addresses, phone numbers and photos.
  • ·Keep all personal electronic or cellular devices turned off and secured in a locker during school hours unless special permission is granted. These items include but are not limited to: cell phones, pagers, mp3 players, cameras/video recorders and all other recording devices.

Students Will Not:

  • ·Share passwords and network account information, or log in with other people’s account information and will not access other people’s files.
  • ·Students shall not modify, install, upload or download software without school authorization.
  • ·Attempt to modify or disable any content filtering or website blocking software installed in District computers or computer networks.
  • ·Engage in activities that are not related to district educational purposes or which are disruptive to classroom instruction.
  • ·Students shall not be allowed to use the School District’s electronic communication systems for personal messages, anonymous messages or communications unrelated to the school program.
  • ·Communicate in a way that could be perceived as bullying, intimidating, harassing or threatening to others, both in and outside the School District.
  • ·Use the network while access privileges are suspended or revoked.
  • ·Attempt to destroy, modify, overload, or otherwise abuse any District owned technology system and/or resources in any way.
  • ·Use the District’s computer network for any illegal activities, including, but not limited to, “hacking”, copyright and license violations and unauthorized access to or unauthorized use of data bases.
  • ·Not use district technology resources to create, communicate, repeat or convey identifiable student information (the disclosure of which is unauthorized).
  • ·Not use district technology resources to send information which is illegal, indecent, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, or likely to constitute harassment of another student, staff member or any other individual, or is likely to cause disruption in the District’s curriculum and educational mission.


Students and their parents should carefully review this agreement and the attached policy and procedures regarding permissible use of District 73 computers and access to the Internet using District 73 means of access. Parents and students should sign this agreement where indicated to evidence their agreement to follow the District rules and regulations set forth in District 73 policy and procedures regarding permissible computer use. Students will be allowed to use District computers and to access the Internet using District means pursuant to this policy and procedures after they have returned this agreement signed by the student and his/her parent or guardian. Please retain the attached policy and procedures for future reference.


I have read and I understand the School District’s policy and procedures regarding permissible use of District 73 computers and access to the Internet using District 73 means of access. I consent to monitoring and inspection by school staff and administration of my use of District computers and District means of access including any and all electronic mail communications I make or attempt to make or I receive and all materials I upload, install, download transmit or access. I agree to follow District rules and regulations set forth in the policy and procedures regarding permissible computer use. I understand that failure to follow District rules and regulations regarding permissible computer use will result in appropriate disciplinary actions which may include loss of computer access privileges.