Online Registration

Online registration is available to returning students. New students must have a paper form completed.
Prior to online registration going live, you will receive a hard copy of the registration form for your child(ren) in the mail. The report details the registration information we have on file for your child(ren). This is the same information that will appear in the online portal. Please check the hard copy for accuracy and make any changes within the online portal. You will also sign permission forms electronically during this process. Detailed instructions are below.

Alternatively, corrections and signatures can be done directly on the hard copy and returned to the main office.

• Remember that this is a user account and password that was created by a parent. This is not the same as a student login.  A student cannot register themselves.
• If your login does not work, and you have created a Parent account, please use the self service password reset for your account.
• If you have not created a Parent account for Powerschool, this will have to be done before you register your children. Please see the links below for more information on this process. PowerSchool account are valuable because they also contain academic and attendance information for your student.

Powerschool Single Sign On Account Creation
Powerschool Login Not Working

To check your registration information and begin the online process, log into the East Prairie School Powerschool Data Portal:   

Updating Registration Information
Begin clicking on the Demographic Change Icon in the toolbar on the Left of the screen.

PAGE 1: 
This screen should be fairly easy to understand.  There are three basic columns of information.  The first one is the item name. The second column contains the information the school district has on file. The third column is where you can update information.  To make an update, simply click in the box provided and type in the new information. Continue down the form until all of your corrections have been made. At the bottom of each of the screens you will find a submit button. Be sure to click the submit button or else your changes will not be saved by the Powerschool system.

When finished with page 1, click on the link at the top to move to page 2.  The page does not do this automatically. 

PAGE 2: 
Page 2 contains information which must be provided/verified on a yearly basis. It includes language information, emergency contact information, permission slips, etc. If you need more information on the individual permissions, click the information link provided to you. From there, you will be guided to a website or a document will be downloaded to your computer allowing you a more detailed description. 

Again when you're finished making any changes to this form, please be sure to hit the submit button at the bottom of the page.

After both screens have been submitted, personnel in the main office will be notified that you have made modifications to your demographic, medical, or other information. The changes will be verified and processed.

Even if all of the information you received from the school is correct, you must go into PowerSchool and submit the forms again. This will let our office know that you have double-checked all of the information and it is accurate.
Because of the way the PowerSchool database stores information, you will have to fill out the demographic information for each student.
Although we hope these changes will make the registration process easier and more efficient, there may still be a need to submit some paperwork in person (i.e. proof of residency documentation).

This 10 minute video will introduce you to the EPS online registration process, which is designed to save time and resources.