Strategic Plan

East Prairie School District 73 Strategic Plan 2015 


East Prairie School District 73 will continue to evolve as a learning organization that promotes experimentation, invention, and personal growth so that all learners will be successful in a global society.


East Prairie School District 73 will educate and provide all students with challenging experiences to become self-motivated learners.

From the Superintendent

Dear East Prairie School Families and Residents:

Every five years East Prairie District 73 takes a good look at where we’ve been as district and where we need to go.

Our Vision and Mission were foremost in our minds as we worked on this plan. Every goal and objective is designed to enable us to provide the best and most thorough education we can provide for our students. Our success will require a lot of work on the part of the District and School Board. With the help and support of our parents and community we will succeed.

This past year the Strategic Planning Committee, made up of District employees, Faculty, School Board members, parents, students, and community members, gathered information about East Prairie. This process included open forums, public meetings, focus groups, and interviews. This information was then used to create a clear and candid view of District 73. With that view in mind, the Committee built the Strategic goals contained in this booklet.

These 11 goals are in the areas of Instruction, Finance, Communications, Facilities & Property, Personnel, and Health & Safety. Each goal is broken down into a number of objectives that will be used as our guide. It will inform and shape our future. The District and the School Board will collaboratively work with District 73 stakeholders to complete or exceed these goals over the next five years.

Over the months and years ahead of us, we will be constantly reviewing where we stand and adjusting our efforts accordingly. The District will keep the School Board and community updated as we progress. This process will work best if we have as much info and support as possible. Your input and help are always welcome. The District and School Board extend a heartfelt thank you to the Strategic Planning Committee members. We could not have done this without your amazing work and support.


Theresa Alberico-Madl,
Ed.D. Superintendent

Strategic Goals

Goal 1:

East Prairie School District 73 will commit to increase parent and student engagement in school events and activities.


To provide activities to allow collaborative engagement between parents and school.
To provide at-home learning opportunities to support in-class learning objectives.
To create welcoming procedures to assist in orienting parents to school programs.

Goal 2:

East Prairie School District 73 will commit to communicate school information in a timely and effective manner.


To maintain up-to-date and accurate web pages to communicate with parents.
To implement a district wide communications plan to allow for consistent communication.
To provide orientation process for incoming students and families in the areas of curriculum and programs.

Instruction Instruction

Goal 1:

East Prairie School District 73 will provide quality, differentiated instruction to all students, allowing students to maximize their potential as learners while increasing knowledge in a variety of curricular areas and interests.

Goal 2:

East Prairie School District 73 will develop the capacities of students through the fostering of creativity, Instruction collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.


To align local curriculum and content with state and federal criteria in core content areas.
To support, enrich, and expand the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program to K-8.
To maintain curricular and extracurricular activities through the support of the Gifted and Talented Program.
To maintain pre-school education program with a priority to serve the needs of at-risk children.
To continue to support the Fine Arts Program.
To create a summer school program to meet the needs of a diverse and ever changing population.
To support innovative efforts of staff and students as a means to support higher levels of achievement.


Goal 1:

East Prairie School District 73 will provide relevant staff development opportunities to maximize teaching and learning.


To provide a cohesive professional development plan based upon current school needs.
To collaborate with parties outside District 73 to share professional development services.

Goal 2:

East Prairie School District 73 will provide staff development opportunities to enhance cultural staff development opportunities to enhance cultural awareness among staff. 


To provide in-service learning focused on cultural diversity.
To support teacher participation in programs developed to enhance cultural diversity.

Goal 3:

East Prairie School District 73 will commit to engaging parent volunteers in meaningful and relevant school activities to support student education and achievement.


To conduct needs assessment to determine extent of teacher/parent interest.
To partner with established organizations to implement a program with a record of successful performance.


Goal 1:

East Prairie School District 73 will strive to maintain high quality education for all students independent of financial challenges.


To seek cost saving measures and efcient methods of operation.
To commit to continue seeking alternative sources of revenue.
To commit to controlling costs of school fees through annual analysis of revenue and expenditures.
To commit to communicating financial status to district stakeholders while enumerating long-term financial goals and decisions.

Facility And Property

Goal 1:

East Prairie School District 73 will improve the East Prairie school facility to maximize educational and facility usage.


To educate parents on most current needs assessment report.
To determine a vision for the future uses of the District 73 properties, based upon community input.
To establish and implement said plan regarding future uses of District 73 properties. Health Health and and Safety

Health and Safety

Goal 1:

East Prairie School District 73 will make improvements in providing a safe environment for families traveling to and from East Prairie School.


To work with Village services to ensure proper signage is accurate and properly displayed.
To communicate traffic procedures to school community members on an annual basis.
To provide resources to provide increased supervision for pick-up and drop-off procedures.

Goal 2:

East Prairie School District 73 will work collaboratively to create and implement a school wide wellness plan.


To assess needs for plan creation.
To collaborate with parents and Skokie Health Department to create a District 73 Wellness Plan.
To implement plan on multi-year schedule.

Strategic Planning Timeline


Questions or Comments?
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