Environmental Alert

Environmental Alert

Orange B


13.B.3a Identify and explain ways that scientific knowledge and economics drive technological development
13.B.3c Describe how occupations use scientific and technological knowledge and skills
13.B.3e Identify advantages and disadvantages of natural resource conservation and manage ment programs.
12.E.3c Evaluate the biodegradability of renewable and nonrenewable natural resources.
3.A.3 Write compositions that contain complete sentences and effective paragraphs using English conven tions.
3.B.3a Produce documents that convey a clear understanding and interpretation of ideas and information and display focus, organization, elaboration and coherence.
3.B.3b Edit and revise for word choice, organization, consistent point of view and transitions among paragraphs using contem­porary technology and formats suitable for submission and/or publication.







ASSESSMENTS: correlated to the benchmarks and objectives

rubric (3.A.3a & b)


Presentation of information using various media
Discussion of the information including problem solving and criteria forming
Written expression of opinions and/or fact

  • Formal Letters: to political figures, businesses, president etc.
  • Promise/contract
  • Summary paragraph of articles or movie
  • Lists with a purpose
  • Note-taking




Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Personal water use Water bottles pollution Personal garbage & 3-R's Personal garbage & 3-R's Sustainable farming Sustainable farming Reading food labels & Organics E-Waste


Week 1:

- Discuss and take notes on all of our uses of water

- Write a pledge that water will be turned off while brushing teeth, etc

- Make a personal list of all uses of water at home

- Make a list of how water can be conserved

- Watch video: "Water in our environment" and take notes

- Write aparagraph asking family to conserve water at home


Week 2:

- Discuss water bottle companies use of plastic

- Research plastic water bottle design

- Write a letter to water companies asking them to be more conservative with their use of plastic


Weeks 3 & 4:

- Discuss where garbage goes and how long different things take to decompose in landfills

- List all types of garbage created at home and school

- Watch two movie segments on where garbage goes and what happens to it and on garbage that's dumped on the ground

- Discuss the 3-R's

- Make a list of everything at home and school that can be recycled, consumption can be reduced or can be reused

- Write a persuasive paragraph to family asking them to recycle more, reduce and reuse


Weeks 5 & 6:

- Define and discuss Sustainable Farming

- Take notes on sustainable farming and commercial/traditional farming practices

- Make a Venn diagram of sustainable farming vs. traditional

- Watch the Meatrix movie on farming and discuss the different types of farming

- Make a list of the pros and cons of each type of farming

- Write a paragraph on the benefits of sustainable farming


Week 7:

- Define and discuss the meaning of "organic"

- Discuss different food label ingredients that students brought in

- Write a paragraph about why or why not you would choose to buy organic or non-organic foods


Week 8:

- Watch and discuss movie about E-Waste called "Stuff Happens" by Bill Nye

- Discuss and make a list of how to cut down and are there any alternatives on e-waste

- Write a paragraph on what e-waste is and how it is affecting our environment