New D73 Strategic Plan

Dear East Prairie Community,

At the Board of Education Meeting on 4/12/21, the new strategic plan for East Prairie 73 was approved. This plan is the result of the feedback from our stakeholder groups in conjunction with the hard work of our strategic planning committee.
As a member of the committee, I saw a few consistent themes emerge as our team collaborated and built consensus around our mission, vision, values, and goals. I saw a school district that requires all voices be heard, considered, and valued. I observed a committee focused on our entire community and the value that everyone brings to our school. Lastly, I witnessed our commitment to ensuring that this strategic plan be more than words on paper. We see this work as promises to our students that we must achieve.

As you review our strategic plan, please consider the following:

  • The mission statement is our purpose for existing.

  • The vision statement is the school district we wish to create.

  • The values are the behaviors we expect of all stakeholders.

  • The goals are actionable outcomes we will strive to achieve over the next five years.

Here you can find the full East Prairie 73 strategic plan. We look forward to working with you to ensure each element is achieved. In the weeks ahead, we will share a video further explaining this work and process. In the months ahead, each of our stakeholder groups will dive deeper into the collective actions we can all take to help us live our values and achieve our goals. In the years ahead, we will work together to become the premier district in the nation. Not for competitive reasons but because doing so will enable our students to make a global impact and be successful in all of their pursuits.

Thank you for your continued support.

Paul Goldberg